Georgia Experience Center

An interactive experience center that sells the state of Georgia as an investment opportunity to businesses around the globe

Client: Georgia Power
- Immersion Room - Electron, RFID Reader & RFID tagged objects, 55-in. Planar 4K touch display, ultra-short-throw projector
- Barometer of Boom - BrightSign Player, LED curtain, NovaStar LED Controller
Role:  Lead Developer

Second Story helped Georgia Power’s Community and Economic Development Group to build two experiences at their Georgia Experience Center, which facilitates selling the state of Georgia to businesses around the globe.

In the lobby, a data visualization wall called the “Barometer of Boom,” visualizes a comparison between Georgia’s employment growth, technology jobs, and GDP against the national average.

In the Immersion Room, potential investors and business leaders are invited to explore all that Georgia has to offer them via a fully immersive experience featuring choreographed, custom lighting, spatial sound, and dynamic, synced content spanning a 4K touch table and HD short-throw wall projection.

I was the primary engineer of the Georgia Power Immersion Room experience. I built the Immersion Room Electron application spanning the table and wall, and programmed the light- and sound-syncing which occurred as users interacted with the Immersion Room table. I prototyped and tested the RFID-enabled fiducials and installed/wired the 4K touch display, RFID reader, and projector as well as the PCs for both Barometer of Boom and Immersion Room and Barometer of Boom's Brightsign Player. I also built the portable tablet version of the Immersion Room application using Electron as well, which did not include sound or light syncing. I owned documentation and support for both the Barometer of Boom and Immersion Room installations.

This project won the Communicator Awards, Award of Excellence, Interactive Marketing in May 2018.

Projector and light and sound hardware located inside the Immersion Room enclosure

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