Values Aligned: Black Girls Code

Creating Unity workshop curriculums and content for both remote and in-person girls in multiple age groups

In 2020 and 2021, I contracted with Black Girls Code as a Curriculum Developer. Black Girls Code engages girls of color with computer programming education to nurture their careers in tech. My role was
 to build a Unity curriculum for 1-day and 1-week beginner (age 10-13) and intermediate (age 13+) in-person and virtual workshops. Each workshop was for about 25-30 students, with one instructor, one assistant instructor, and 1-2 teaching assistants for in-person or 2-4 for virtual. The week-long workshops were one hour per day, and the one-day workshops were 4 or 5 hours per workshop, each with a presentation on the last day or last hour of the workshop.

My duties included creating detailed lesson plans, workshop slides with comprehensive notes–learning objectives, comprehension questions (with answers), and suggested timing–for instructors, coding exercises, example workshop deliverables, project templates for the students to work from. I also provided learning resources for the instructors to get up to speed ahead of the workshop, and for sharing with the students post-workshop if there was interest.

In addition, I consulted with BGC on potential partnerships, evaluating different technologies for use in workshops.

Other projects: