TouchDesigner Explorations

Some short clips of my adventures in TouchDesigner

I’ve been spending summer of 2024 deep-diving on TouchDesigner, trying to learn all I can of this versatile and powerful tool. Here is a compilation of the experiments I’ve built as I've explored the many workshops available on The Interactive & Immersive HQ.

00:00 - 00:27 - Combining audio-reactivity with feedback & displacement TOPs, based on a tutorial by Jack DiLaura (song - Aquarium by Nosaj Thing)
00:27 - 00:47 - Playing with dynamic instancing and using different kinds of CHOPs, including audio-reactivity, to drive rotation, scale, and color. (song - Pogo - Go Out and Love Someone)
00:47 - 01:12 - A mouse-activated particle system with feedback & displacement - the color particles are tracking mouse movement, and the monochrome particles signify the ambient/idle state animation, based on another Jack DiLaura tutorial
01:12 -  01:22 - Particle system animation playing with forces, metaballs, and surface attractors

Other projects: